Mounting a Hemline Etsy Roman Blind

Hello there. This post is for those of you that have done the right thing and bought a custom roman blind from my Hemline Etsy or Folksy shop. Congratulations. I hope you love it.


You should have everything that you need with your package:

Your blind with ribbon, an acorn/blind pull, the wooden mount with velcro and two/three vine eyes attached, wall plugs/plasterboard screws, a needle and one extra vine eye.

You'll need an electric screw driver and potentially a drill if you're going into brick, so if you're not handy, keep someone close by who is. A strong builders adhesive such as 'No More Nails' would be alright if you're really not up for using a drill, but I can't guarantee it's longevity if your blind is on the larger side.

1) First you should decide which side of the window you would like your cleat to be fixed, then you'll need to screw the last vine eye into that end of the mount so that it looks the same as the others. There are two red dots on your mount, use one of these as a guide. I've started the job for you, so hand screwing this in shouldn't be too difficult.

Hemline Studio Etsy - vine eye.jpg

2) Next we're going to put up the mount. You can either screw it into the wall above the window..

Hemline Studio Etsy - above the window.jpg

Into a wooden window frame (if it's inset to the window)..

Hemline Studio Etsy - Into frame.jpg

Into the wall just above the frame (if there is some, which in our house there isn't)..

Or into the ceiling above the window..

Into celing.jpg

If you are screwing into brick, it's best to make a hole first with the drill, insert the wall plug and screw into that.

Or if into plasterboard you should have been sent the correct screws. You do not have to make a drill hole first to use these, just screw them straight into the wall, insert and wind your screws into them.

You should definitely have one screw at each end, but if your blind is a bit bigger and heavier try to do one around the middle as well. I haven't marked anywhere on your mount for this as it's a better idea for you to use your own judgement!

3) Next attach your cleat.. If you're going straight into the window frame, the screws by themselves will hold the weight, if into brick, use the wall plugs. There have been terrible accidents involving cords/chains and children, so please afix this high up on your wall and be sure to wind your ribbon right to the end so that tiny fingers cannot reach it.

cleat and ribbon.jpg

Hard bit done. Hurrah! Now we just mount the blind. Attach the velcro on the top of the blind to the mount velcro. This can be a bit like hanging a picture, so might take one or two gos, especially if your blind is inset to the window.

Then you thread your ribbon up through the rings into the vine eye above and along to the end of the mount where you attached the extra vine eye (on the side where your cleat is fixed) passing through all other vine eyes on the way.

ribbon through.jpg

Now cut off all ribbons to where the cleat falls. (I'm showing all this from the floor as it's easier to demonstrate, but yours will be hung of course.)

cutting ribbon.jpg

Thread them through the small hole in your acorn using the needle.


Then tie a knot or two in the bottom of the ribbon (enough to hold the ribbons without them coming back out the other end).

Ta da! You're done. Make a cup of tea. You deserve it.

Blinds often need a little exercise to get used to their new life as a window treatment so may need a little help and organisation when pulling up and down to start with, but this should be fine after a few gos.

Please remember if you have any questions or issues, you can contact me through my etsy shop ( or by emailing I'll always be happy to help. I know this bit is a little fiddly. I've tried to make it as simple and user friendly as possible, but if you don't have handy fingers you should probably keep your eyes open and the lights on!

Oh and if you have any suggestions on how I might simplify the instruction process any further, or any problem's you've run into that you think i could have helped prevent, please give me some feedback. I'd be so grateful. My aim is to make you happy.

Now go ahead and enjoy!

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